Ecu programming  and remap service England, Scotland, Welsh
Audi Tcu Programming
Ecu programming  and remap service England, Scotland, Welsh

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VAG Automatic Transmission Control Module Cloning Re-programming

Audi Dsg Automatic Gearbox Tcu Tcm

Clone Programming

We are specialists in Audi DSG mechatronic automatic transmission gearbox Tcm Tcu module programming, coding, and cloning for Audi A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, TT, TTS & TT RS, S3, S4, S5, RS3, RS5, RS6, RS7,RS8 etc

Audi auto gearbox programming 

Audi Tcm, Tcm DSG gearboxes on all models are programmed, cloned, coded, and software restored by Sgtm.

This service is a plug-and-play solution for Audi DSG, S-Tronic, Tiptronic transmission modules.  

Automatic transmission control module mechatronic issues are a common occurrence. We aim to offer a complete solution for the Audi Tcu, Tcm module automatic transmission and dual clutch gearbox range.

Automatic gearbox transmission cloning service by post is for customers who want to replace the original Tcm gearbox module with a working second hand or a new transmission control unit. They also need vehicle info to be transferred to a new gearbox transmission control unit.


This is an Audi TCU unit transmission programming, coding, clone and restore service. The gearbox DSG Tcm mechanical module is not included.  

Before sending us the TCU Module, kindly remove the mechatronic module from the valve. If you are not sure, please contact us before. 

Audi TCU DSG Gearbox Programming-Cloning-Coding-Restore SW | SG-Tronic MotorSport
Audi TCU-DSG Transmission Remap Stage 1,2,3 |

Audi Dsg gearbox Tcm clone reprogrammed remap 

We can help you with most Audi TCU gearbox DSG remaps by sending them to you by post or by using our online DSG TCU Tuning File Service.

We suggest doing the Ecu Remap Stage 1,2,3+ at once with the TCU-DSG Remap to get the best engine performance and fuel economy.  


 Dsg gearbox remapping for Audi is a unique way of re-programming a car transmission control unit , Tcu computer to increase and improve many aspects of the gearbox from accelerative performance to daily drivability of your car like :

  • Quick Gear Shift Speed
  • Torque Limits Raised
  • Increased Red Line
  • Launch Control
  • Faster Responding Gearbox
  • Optimised Shift 

Audi automatic transmission remap, West Midlands. Audi DSG gearbox programming, Birmingham. S-Tronic gearbox Stage 1,2,3+ remaps. Mechatronic Dsg Ecu Tcm cloning UK. CVT Audi TCU coding 

Audi DSG Mechatronic Automatic Transmission Control Unit

Ecu Tcu Programming Clone Remap

How we can help you with Automatic Transmission Control Unit

We offer a prompt mechatronic automatic transmission control unit programming service for TCU, TCM electronic modules.

The gearbox module modules go through various programming steps to make sure all parameters are correctly programmed.

The correct immobiliser and configuration data is needed to program these units to work correctly on your vehicle.

The transmission control units (TCUs) are the internal sensors and drivers that experience malfunction, resulting in the inability to provide accurate readings, incorrect gear changes, and clutch operations to the vehicle. This results in the gearbox not changing gears and subsequently resulting in a limited number of gears or limp mode.

We provide the most cost-effective approach for mobile Tcm/Tcu programming, cloning, remaps or coding service in Birmingham and West Midlands, and by post Nationwide.  

Our equipment is capable of extracting vital data from your outdated unit, and we can utilize that data on a replacement unit.

Programming Services for Mechatronic Automatic Transmission Control Modules:

AL450 Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

AL551 Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

AL552 Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DQ200-G2Gearbox TCU/TCM (0AM /0CW) clone, programming.

DQ200 MQBGearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DQ250 Exx Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DQ250 Fxx Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DQ250 (02E / 0D9) Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DQ380 (0DE) Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DQ381 (0DE) Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

VL381 (0AW) Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DL382 Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DL382-7F (0CK) Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DQ400 Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DQ400E Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DL501 (0B5) Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DQ500 Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

DQ500-Contimental Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

GS19 6HP19 Gearbox TCU/TCM clone, programming.

To remap the Audi Dsg, S-Tronic, Tiptronic automatic transmission control unit Stage 1, 2, and 3 click here.