Ecu programming  and remap service England, Scotland, Welsh
Airbag Crash Data Reset
Ecu programming  and remap service England, Scotland, Welsh

Airbag crash data reset repair 

  • Same-day mobile airbag service ecu crash data reset repair in Birmingham, West Midlands.
  • Airbag crash data reset and repair service by post cover all UK area.
  • SRS module online crash data repair will be a cheaper option if you have your airbag programmer tool.
  • Whether you require airbag ECU repair or SRS module cloning, our team in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, is here to help. 

Airbag crash data reset by post

Birmingham, West Midlands, Nationwide

Resetting the airbag crash data and fixing the SRS electronic control unit via post is available for 95% of current automobiles on the road. 

Car dealerships frequently have to procure the ecu airbag and SRS module, which entails additional expenses.

We provide mobile airbag ecu repair services in the West Midlands, including Harborne, Selly Oak, Edgbaston, Erdington, Bearwood, Birmingham, and Bearwood.


A mobile airbag repair or SRS diagnostics service will save you time and money by coming to your location in Birmingham or across the West Midlands.  The procedure for addressing airbag malfunctions, such as an accident, a warning light on the dashboard, and a malfunction within the airbag system.   

After an accident, we can reset the data on the SRS and fix the airbag system. 

Sgtm can reset both the hard and soft-code of the airbag, which means that the airbag ecu and module are re-installed at a discounted cost.

Our way of changing the airbag's information doesn't let the car dealer or scanners take out the airbag codes. 

The airbag will be set up the way it was before, and there is no need to program it again before putting it back in the car.

Car Airba Ecu Module Reset Service | Sg-Tronic MotorSport

Repair airbag module by post

Post service airbag repair in Birmingham, England, Wales, Scotland, UK.

The expense of fixing the airbag will depend on the malfunction of the SRS module and the latest airbag control unit.

We usually reset or clone most car airbag modules the same day we receive them and return them to you.


If you require an airbag repair service by post, we recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery.

It's a next working day service works really well. 


Include a return address label ready to be attached to your parcel, also include a note with your name and the airbag module.

Airbag ecu, module programming

Resetting the vehicle airbag control unit, module programming, or crash data can be used to reset the safety features of your vehicle.

When the vehicle SRS indicator light is on or your supplementary restraint system SRS indicator light is on, you could not be adequately secured in case of an accident. 

The presence of an airbag light is a warning sign that indicates the possibility of malfunctioning of the airbags, seat belts, or the electronic control unit (ecu) computers responsible for managing the airbag and seat belt electronics.

Airbags must be reset after a crash or replaced after a collision in which the airbags inflate. 

Resetting airbag crash information, fixing it, and programming it is cheaper than buying the main airbag or a fresh airbag module. 

Airbag crash data reset online

The airbag reset service online can help you recover and erase information from the airbag module that was lost during a crash. 

Our online airbag data reset for the SRS ecu will make it quick and easy to fix the module. 

Sgtm designed an airbag crash data reset online system to clear crash data from the airbag module and ecu.

To get help with airbag data crashes online, just send us a file of the airbag crash and well send you the file back. It only takes a few minutes. Contact us by email or WhatsApp.

Our online airbag data crash reset service covers over 7000 modules, ecu parts number.

Mobile airbag crash data repair

Birmingham West Midlands  

Airbag repair diagnostics mobile service across Birmingham will fix airbag crash data if the vehicle was involved in a collision or if the airbag module software has an error. 

The airbag module ecu is a mini computer that controls the airbag system, which includes the airbag sac, airbag pyrotechnic initiator, clock spring, seat belt, and sensors. 

With our airbag repair mobile service in Birmingham and West Midlands, you will save time and money. The replacement of the airbag module with a new airbag ecu is an inexpensive task.  

The Airbag diagnostics mobile service will find out why the dashboard airbag light is on. 

— The airbag module is defective. 

— The airbag had been deployed. 

— Flashing airbag light 

Our mobile engineer will resolve the airbag ecu fault at your location, anywhere in Birmingham or the West Midlands. Some airbag modules may require removal from the vehicle to be repaired or reprogrammed. Will be the same day airbag service or next day 1st hour.  

Mobile service in Birmingham and West Midlands for airbag crash data reset and repair or SRS ecu module cloning.


What is airbag diagnostics?

The airbag diagnostics system will help you find the vehicle SRS module fault.

The on-the-go airbag testing service in Birmingham, West Midlands, or via email will examine whether the airbag system and sensors are working properly. 

If the airbag ecu module finds a problem, it will warn you by flashing the airbag indicator on the dashboard. 

If the airbag and engine management lights are on, it is important to have a technician examine the vehicle.

Resetting of airbag crash data and mobile diagnostics for all vehicles in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.

We can thoroughly check your car, including checking the airbags electronic control unit and the safety system.

Replacements for airbag electronic control units are not offered. There are several ways to reprogram the SRS module, depending on the fault.

We will figure out how to resolve the issue by changing the airbags settings.

You can book mobile car diagnostics online for only £58, which is cheaper than the main deal.

Airbag Repair Specialist

England, Welsh, Scotland

We are a specialist in airbag repair programming and coding for the automotive industry. We have modules for all makes and models of vehicles, including cars, vans, pick-up trucks, HGVs, scooters, tractors, construction machinery, and harvesters.

The vehicle airbag system is controlled by an ecu or module that controls many sensors, wiring, and parts, such as seat belt pretensioners and more. The airbags and seat belt tensioners lights are still on, which means the airbag module has experienced a data loss and requires resetting or fixing.

When the SRS or airbag dash light warning comes on, don't wait to check the airbag system right away to make sure all safety features work properly.

Sgtm Airbag Repair and Diagnostics mobile service operates across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

For any other UK areas, Welsh and Scotland, we recommend using the airbag repair crash data service by post. If you require any support, please contact us.

Resetting airbag crash data

SRS module programming, clone, repair  

Even if the airbag and seat belt pretensioners are replaced, the airbag dash light will still flash because the airbag module software locks up, so the airbags don't deploy at impact.

Resetting, airbag crash data, SRS module programming – our services cover it all.

At SGTM ECU clone, we specialize in clone and repair services for various automotive systems.

Whether you need to reset your ECU, clear airbag crash data, or program your SRS module, our expert technicians in Birmingham, West Midlands, are here to help.

With years of experience and in-depth knowledge, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch services to ensure your vehicle's safety and performance. From England to Scotland to Wales, we cater to customers across the country, offering reliable and efficient solutions for all your automotive needs.

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