Ecu Remap Gearbox Pogramming Coding Diagnostics England, Scotland, Welsh
Gearbox Programming
Ecu Remap Gearbox Pogramming Coding Diagnostics England, Scotland, Welsh

Tcu Egs Dsg Gearbox Programming 

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    • Services for gearbox control module programming and cloning include Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW DSG, Skoda, Smart, Ford, Peugeot, Volvo, Fiat, Iveco, Man, and more.

    • Auto gearbox TCM TCU reprogramming, servicing, and coding covers the whole of Birmingham, West Midlands, and across the UK.

    • Our mobile service covers Birmingham, West Midlands areas and across the UK for automatic transmission control unit, module Tcu, Tcm programming or cloning to your location.  

    • We can program or reprogramme gearbox control units for Scotland, Wales, and England. We can do it by post and return it on the same day. 

    Auto gearbox S-Tronic Steptronic Egs Dsg AMTs CVTs programming 

    We provide services for all makes and models of cars, including British, American, Japanese, and Continental cars, HGV and light commercial vehicles, minibuses.

    Sgtm specializes in providing EGS, DSG, CVT, IMT gearbox modules version's programming, cloning, and coding service

    For customers who already have a working transmission control unit (tcu), EGS, or DSG module and want to program it.

    On customer request, we can provide replacement Tcu for Egs, Dsg, CVT, IMT gearbox unit modules that are plug and play, thereby enabling their installation in vehicles without the need for any additional coding or programming.

    We use only genuine dealer equipment for all vehicles to program, re-programme, clone, and code all the automatic gearbox modules. 

    The automatic gearbox ecu module programming service can be mixed within TCU remaps, what will help you get the most out of your cars' engine performance and possibly improve its fuel economy and automatic gear performance.

    EGS DSG gearbox Tcmprogramming |

    Programming Automatic Transmission Gearbox

    Mobile Service Birmingham, West Midlands, Nationwide 

    The EGS, DSG mechatronics gearbox TCM module, also referred to as a transmission control unit, is an electronic component that regulates the automatic transmission in your vehicle.

    The gearbox transmission module called TCU or TCM is responsible for things like when to switch gears, how much fuel and emissions are used, and how good the shift is.

    The transmission control unit can get damaged for many reasons.

    There is a large variety of shifting problems when the ecu software crashes, water damage, when the software is updated incorrectly, when the file is uploaded incorrectly, remapped incorrectly, bad shifting, slow acceleration, unpredictable gear changes, poor fuel economy. 

    It’s quite common for this to affect the gearbox module if it is not repaired, reset or clone by a qualified engineer.

    Sgtm can help you decide what's best for you, such as fixing, cloning, resetting, or reprogramming your module or buying a new or used TCU-EGS-DSG Gearbox Unit replacement.

    We offer gearbox automatic transmission module (tcu,tcm) programming, coding, relearning, calibration or remap services to individuals in Birmingham, West Midlands, and the surrounding areas.

    Our tcu programming and clone services are designed to be cheaper than main dealer and affordable for our customers.

    Auto Gearbox TCM TCU Repair   

    Birmingham, UK, West Midlands 

    Re-Programming | Cloning | Coding | Remapping 

    Gearbox Automatic Transmission Module Programming Clone |

    Automatic Transmission

    Tcm Programming

    Gearbox Remapping

    Tcu Cloning & Coding 

    by Post Nationwide

    SGTM are experts in automatic transmission control unit reading, writing, cloning, and programming on most makes and models of vehicles.

    We are reliably and effectively in reprogramming, hard and soft coding on the automatic gearbox transmission control units (Tcm/Tcu) that are equipped on numerous vehicles: Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Betley, Mercedes, VW, Porsche, Infiniti, Range Rover, Jaguar, Nissan, Alpina, Chrysler, Jeep, Rolls-Royce, Peugeot, Škoda, VW, Volvo, Lamborghini, Iveco, Kia, Mini One, Cooper, Seat, Renault, Smart, Maserati, Lincoln, Daimler and more.

    We can supply replacements Tcm/Tcu module that can be installed in cars without needing to be programmed or coding.

    How gearbox transmission works...

    The gearbox module TCM, also known as a transmission control unit, is an electronic module that controls the automatic transmission in your car.

    The gearbox module / unit is responsible for functions including the optimal time to switch gears, monitoring fuel economy and emissions, and shift quality.

    Typically, the transmission control unit can be damaged for many reasons, like crash software, water, age of the car, wrong software update, wrong file upload, bad file remap and more.

    It’s quite common for this to affect the gearbox module if it is not repaired, reset or clone by a qualified engineer.

    Sgtm can help you determine your best option, whether that is repairing, cloning, reset or reprogramming your module or purchasing a second hand or new EGS, IMT, CVT, DSG gearbox Tcm module replacement.

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    Birmingham | West Midlands | Scotland | Ireland | Wales | UK

    Auto Gearbox Specialist 

    Programming Clone Coding 

    Gearbox Tcm programming 

    We developed the most advanced bench TCM, TCU gearbox module programming, clone codding technique. This allows us to simulate all TCM, TCU unit on the bench and live test for EGS, DSG transmission control modules (TCM) to ensure they are functioning correctly.

    DSG EGS Gearbox Programming Birmingham UK  |  Automatic Transmission Module Cloning

    Automatic transmission TCU cloning

    The Sgtm specialists are highly skilled at reprogramming and cloning automatic transmissions' ecu for most vehicles' cars, vans, trucks, construction machinery, tractors etc.


    The gearbox automatic transmission cloning service is available by post nationwide Welsh, Scotland, Ireland.

    For the Birmingham and West Midlands area, you can book an automatic transmission cloning mobile service, we will come to your location.  

    Trust our professional automatic gearbox specialist to provide top-notch service right at your doorstep.

    Dsg Egs gearbox Tcm remap

    We can remap or delivery online tuning file service for all most DSG, EGS gearbox Tcm automatic transmissions what are controlled by transmission control module.

    Gearbox Remap has many advantages which, including but not limited either:

    • Torque Limiter
    • Reduced shift time
    • Calibrated Shift Strategy
    • Launch Control 
    • Shift Speed
    • Hydraulic Pressure 
    • Kick down Delete and more 

    Mechatronic DSG ECU TCU Gearbox programming cloning coding

    You can be sure that your automatic transmission control unit mechatronic is in good hands when you choose SGTM, regardless of what automatic gearbox Tcm, Tcu module programming, reprogramming, cloning or replacement you need.

    Our specialist automotive software's engineers have extensive experience working with several automatic transmission transmissions Tcm, Tcu modules versions.

    If you don't see your automatic gearbox transmission control unit listed below, we can perform gearbox Tcm unit reprogramming, cloning, fixing, and replacements on all vehicle makes and models.

    Mobile service Birmingham, West Midlands

    By Post Nationwide

    Abarth gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming, clone.

    Alfa Romeo gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Audi automatic gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Alpina gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    BMW gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Chrysler gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Dodge gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Ford gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Hyundai gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Jeep gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Jaguar gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Kia gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Lamborghini gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Land Rover gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming, clone.

    Range Rover gearbox Tcm, Tcu Programming, clone.

    Mini gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming, clone, repair.

    Fiat gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming, cloning, coding.

    Mazda gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming, coding.

    Mercedes-Benz gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming, clone.

    Mitsubishi's transmission Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Porsche automatic gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Renault gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming, clone, coding.

    Rolls-Royce gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Seat automatic gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Škoda gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Infiniti gearbox Tcm, Tcu module programming.

    Iveco gearbox Tcm, Tcu ecu programming.

    Smart gearbox Tcm module, Tcu programming.

    Volkswagen DSG gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Volvo gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Man Trucks gearbox Tcm, Ecu, Tcu programming.

    Great Wall transmissions Tcm, Tcu Programming.

    Maserati gearbox Ecu, Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Aston Martin gearbox Tcm, Tcu, Ecu programming.

    Peugeot gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming, clone.

    Lincoln gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Daimler gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Weismann gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    GM automatic gearbox Tcm, Tcu programming.

    Auto Gearbox Programming Cloning  

    We can help code, cloning, and program the Tcm, Tcu gearbox module for the car, van, and truck if it needs to be replaced.

    Audi Tcu-EGS-DSG Gearbox Module Programming Cloning Remap | SG-Tronic MotorSport
    alpina_automatic_transmission_egs_module_programming_postal-service_national wide
    Kia TCU Gearbox Transmission Programming Cloning Remap |
    Chrysler TCM Gearbox Transmission Programming Cloning Remap |
    ford-automatic-gearbox-transmission -tcm-tcu-programming-clone-remap-birmingham-west-midlands-uk-scotland-welsh

    Automatic transmission programming: Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Northampton, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Blackpool, Hull, York, Norwich, Peterborough, Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Swindon, Exmouth, Plymouth, Exeter, Southampton, Reading, Slough, St. Ives, Cardiff, Worcester, Kidderminster, Derby, Stoke-on-Trent. 

    Mobile service transmission control unit cloning, West Midlands, Nationwide.  

    DSG EGS automatic gearbox programming, cloning by post Walsh, Scotland, England.

    TCM, TCU transmissions control module/unit programming specialist: Birmingham, West Midlands, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Liverpool, Dorset, Dudley. 

    TCM, transmission control module programming, coding service by post Nationwide.

    SG-Tronic Motorsport

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